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    White Collar Offender - about, treatment, outcome

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    White-collar crime is not a new type of offense, though advances in technology have altered the scope and appearance of the crimes in this category. For example, in the past, credit card theft was accomplished by stealing the actual card or compromising the card by obtaining carbon copies of credit transactions. In addition, a less powerful Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enabled the easy destruction of many paper financial transactions. However, today's modern systems are filled with information that is stored and maintained electronically and thus can be stolen by a computer hacker. Therefore, in terms of identity theft and information-related crimes, people are more vulnerable to mass compromise today than in the past.

    Modern 24/7 media cycles have brought a variety of white-collar criminals and offenders, from politicians to celebrities, to the public's attention. These new types of white-collar convicted offenders, while certainly not representing the majority of forensic offenders, have changed the landscape of forensic treatment settings.

    With the increase of white-collar offenders in the criminal justice system, the forensic treatment provider has an increased likelihood of working with them in various settings. White-collar offenders present unique treatment opportunities that are not typical of those usually found in prisons, jails, or community custody treatment settings. Therefore, the treatment providers as well as the entire treatment system may be challenged by the nuances of white-collar crime and offenses.

    Identify a specific treatment approach for treating the type of white-collar offender you selected.

    Review Treatment Outcome Models,

    - Think about how treatment approach success could be evaluated using each of the treatment outcome models.

    - Select one treatment outcome model that you think would be the most effective for measuring the success of your treatment approach and consider why.

    a description of the research article you selected. Include the type of white-collar offender and the treatment approach. Then describe which treatment outcome model you would use to measure the success of the treatment approach and explain why.

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    White Collar Offender Treatment Outcome

    - Author: G.A: Harris (ed.)
    - Title: Rehabilitating White Collar Criminals
    - Particulars: from Tough Customers: Counseling Unwilling Clients, NCJ 132625
    - Year: 1991
    - URL: https://www.ncjrs.gov/App/publications/abstract.aspx?ID=132625

    The article is part of an NCJ commissioned study published by the American Correctional Association in the early 90's in a bid to put together strategies in counseling uncooperative subjects in counseling, especially in a prison or forensic setting, including white collar offenders whose punitive and justice-ascribed outcome require counseling and intervention to rehabilitate them prior to their release back to society upon serving their sentence. According to Harris (1991), treatment efforts should be aimed at rehabilitation of the offenders so that they will, "recognize and confront their cognitive processes and personality characteristics," behaviors and elements of ...

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