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    twelve techniques of self confidence

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    1). From the twelve techniques below, select and describe six techniques to build self-confidence. Explain how the six that you chosen can help someone strengthen their self-confidence.

    Building your Self-Confidence Techniques

    1). Score a few easy victories 6). Dress and act professionally

    2). Use positive self-talk 7). Develop a solid knowledge base

    3). Use positive visual imagery 8). Develop and publicize new skills

    4). Become self-directing 9). Show intense pride in your work

    5). Talk with optimism 10).Take risk

    11).Be flexible and adaptable

    12). Overcome shyness by focusing on other people

    2). Analyze how self-confidence can affect job performance and how inter-office relationships are affected by differing levels of self-confidence.

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    1). From the twelve techniques below, I offer ideas on how the following six can help to strengthen one's sense of self-confidence. First, dressing and acting professionally on the outside can help to transfer those positive affirmation on the inside. When I am wearing sweats, I don't feel intellectual at all; however, when wearing a nice suit, my external confidence aligns with my inner confidence and I radiate those notions of optimism. On a very simple note, it is kind of like what I call "The Pretty Woman" syndrome if you have seen that film!

    Next, the use of positive self-talk also helps to instill a greater sense of affirmation, empowerment and optimism. Since mind often ...

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