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Theoretical Concepts of Oral and Anal Fixation

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1. What is theoretical concepts of oral fixation and anal fixation?

2. Working dynamics of a family unit. dynamics of a family differ from one family who shares the same fixation, as opposed to the family that experiences both fixations? 200 words please.

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This solution discusses the theoretical concepts of oral fixation and anal fixation. It details the concept by discussing the working dynamics of a family unit facing both fixations.

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1) What is theoretical concepts of oral fixation and anal fixation?

According to Freud's psychosexual stages theory, from birth, our sexuality begins to develop through various fixation stages. These stages must be completed successfully in order for the individual to proceed successfully through adulthood. If those stages are not completed successfully, they produce anxiety and the development of defense mechanisms to deal with the anxiety.

Oral Fixation
The oral fixation stage begins from 0-2 years old, involves oral activities (sucking, biting, and swallowing) and weaning away from the mother's breast and has two possible personality outcomes:
? The Oral receptive personality is preoccupied with eating/drinking and reduces tension through oral activity such as eating, drinking, smoking, biting nails. ...

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