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Making Use of Ratio Measurement Data in Psychological Research

In preparation for this paper, identify a research issue, problem, or opportunity that uses data that has absolute zero measurements, ratio level data.

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Let me see if I can help you out with the problem/issue before you. First off always remember that measurement scales come in four types, namely nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio. As such the statistical process you choose to analyze your data must fit the type of measurement data you have garnered from your study. Knowing that research in the social sciences is not an exact process, but one filled with instrument and human error it is best to garner the msot exactling measurement data you can. In psychology this is difficult because there really is no such thing as an exact measurement value because we do not have measurement instruments that are sophistocated enough to get exact values. Further, most of the topics in psychology deal with human behavior and there is not such thing as an exact human behavior trait that can be equated by an exact numeric value. One doe not have 10 exact points of ...

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Solution presents ratio measurement data examples if psychological research. Solution identifies independent and dependent variables with respect to the use of ratio data in psychology.