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    Gestalt Principles

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    What are the Gestalt principles? What do these principles reference?

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    Let's take a closer look at the following two question about Gestalt principles.

    1. What are the Gestalt principles?

    Gestalt Principles:

    · Figure and Ground
    · Similarity, Proximity or Contiguity, Continuity
    · Closure, Area, Symmetry

    2. What do these principles reference?

    1. Figure and Ground

    The terms figure and ground explain how we use elements of the scene, which are similar in appearance and shape and group them together as a whole. Similar elements (figure) are contrasted with dissimilar elements (ground) to give the impression of a whole.

    For example, in the picture (see http://www.usask.ca/education/coursework/skaalid/theory/gestalt/figround.htm), the lighthouse stands out as the figure, while the horizontal blue lines are perceived as ...

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    This solution identifies and explains the Gestalt principles, including what each principle references. Supplemented with links for diagrams and examples of each Gestalt principle.