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Freedom of Choice

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Identify and discuss the forces acting on you to limit or prevent your freedom of choice, both those rooted in your past (such as guilt, traumatic memories, obligations, bad contracts, unrewarding experiences, punishment, low self-esteem, or shyness), those rooted in the present (including social pressures to conform, comply, obey, and do what others reward you for; personal pressure to be recognized, approved of, accepted, and loved), and those based in the future (such as unrealistic expectations, aspirations, concern for liabilities and responsibilities, desire for security, or fear of death).

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This is a very personal assignment, but I can give examples on how to answer this type of question. You will, of course, need to alter this to your actual experiences.

For the past, if you are a sibling of an unruly brother, for example, you could have felt obligated to be the 'good' child, suppressing your urges to rebel against your parents, or even argue against any authority, because you felt that your parents had enough trouble, or deserved to have a child to uphold the family name, etc. You could also feel obligated to follow the dreams your parents had for you since you were a child, especially if a parent has passed away having that dream for you. If you were abused as a child, you may not have the confidence to make your own ...

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Past, present, and future forces that could act upon people to limit their feelings of freedom to make personal decisions are discussed.