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    Environmental Psychology - Queuing Theory

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    Please help answer the following questions on abnormal psychology. Provide at least 300 words.

    What is queuing theory? How has queuing theory affected you?

    What are Quarantelli's Dimensions? Why is it important to learn this concept?

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    Please allow some of my ideas and research to help:

    What is queuing theory? How has queuing theory affected you?

    First of all, as you define Queueing theory, the embedded and key word here is "queue" or line. This theory looks closely at the various factors involved and resulting from when people wait in lines or form lines.
    If you need a more technical definition, one scholar calls it "the mathematical study of waiting lines (or queues)" and insists that "There are several related processes, arriving at the back of the queue, waiting in the queue (essentially a storage process), and being served by ...

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    The following posting helps with an abnormal psychology problem. It discusses queuing theory as well as Quarantelli's dimensions. The explanation is given in 395 words.