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    Applications for Queuing Analysis

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    Queues and Waiting Lines

    (1) What is your opinion on the question below?

    In Case 4, you are learning to use Queuing analysis to determine various situations and possible solutions to waiting line of trucks at the dock at EBBD.

    As you write your report to Wilco to present your results, consider other applications for queuing analysis.

    In this TD, explore the various ways that queuing analysis can be used in Logistics to obtain optimal results, not only at EBBD, but at any company.

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    (1) What is your opinion on the question below?

    Queuing analysis is used by a variety of companies, and for a variety of purposes. When we study this type of analysis, we are determining where our efficiency exists - and more importantly - where it doesn't. Queuing analysis helps us to move flow better. It ...

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    This solution discusses queuing analysis in relation to the trucks at the dock of EBBD.