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Emerging Trends, Technology, and Group Work

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Emerging Trends, Technology, and Group Work

Change is at the heart of the counselling profession. Throughout this course, you have considered how counsellors might use group work to effect change in individuals' lives. You may also be able to identify ways that effective group work may lead to change beyond the group—to the families and communities of the group members who find hope and healing.

For example, consider virtual meetings. They are an increasingly popular way to accomplish business tasks and to socialize. When individuals meet by phone or on the Internet, they do not have to travel and are able to meet easily with those who live in distant locations. More and more types of group work are being offered online and via telephone conferencing due to the benefits of virtual meetings. Can a leader effectively facilitate group work when members are not present physically in the same location? What are some of the benefits and limitations of facilitating group work using technology?

For this Discussion, select an emerging trend in group work. Consider how this trend may influence you and the group work in which you participate. (Note: Do not select the increase in technology in group work as your emerging trend). Additionally, for this Discussion, you explore the literature regarding the use of technology and group work and consider how technology might be used within your specialization.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post an explanation of an emerging trend related to group work. Explain how this trend might influence your work within your specialization. Then, explain at least two ways you might use technology to facilitate group work within your specialization. Explain whether it is critical for counselling professionals in your specialization to consider more technology-based group interventions and provide a rationale for your position

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Hi, and thank you for choosing Brainmass. So, one emerging trend that may be beneficial to design a group is one in which both adolescents and their parents would participate in dual diagnosis groups. One thing to give particular assiduity to is what special issues might arise in such a group, and how the group therapist would may manage those issues that arise. Therefore, considerations below would be the following: With that said, yes, I do believe that including technology is critical in that it is needed to critically and effectively document information electronically and keep things private, vs. the old almost antiquated filing cabinet. However, most agencies are moving towards housing information on electronic databases so that information is stored and housed with the ease of privacy and protection.

Do you think that if a child is diagnosed with a Substance related disorder, such as alcohol dependence, cannabis dependence, or methamphetamine dependence and a major depressive disorder, or affective disorder to include one of the following, Bipolar disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, or Cyclothymia Disorder.

Often today with both parents working, it's hard to develop a healthy relationship between parents and their children. Recent statistics show 1 out of 5 children have emotional or behavior problems that stems from low self-esteem, feelings of failure, anger management issues, abuse, bullying and issues from their parents' divorce. As with any group, it's important for the leader to have a clear direction of where they want the group to go and to be PREPARED. Kids will always ...

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Emerging Trends, Technology, and Group Work with specialization in addiction counseling

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