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The Effect of Employing Children in Industrial Environments

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My topic is the effect of employing children in industrial environments (1st and/or 2nd) Industrial Revolution.

I have certain questions that I need help with. We have ten questions. The only three that I have problems with is:

1. Describe ethical issues that became evident as a result of globalization.

2. Compare ethical perceptions across cultures in regards to the situation.

3. Determine which risks and consequences were associated with the dilemma.

Need references.

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1. Describe ethical issues that became evident as a result of globalization.

As a result of globalization, the biggest ethical issue that I see regarding employing children in industrial environments is that many of the countries that are hiring the children are from outside countries looking out for their benefits. By that, I mean that while the practice of employing children is illegal in the business's native country, that same business will go outside of the country and employ children anyway, simply because that same practice is legal in the foreign country. I even had a debate about this with a friend of mine. Often times, there is a fine line between what is legal and what is ethical. However, what may be illegal in one country is not necessarily illegal in another depending on the culture. Therefore, I believe that businesses bear a specific burden, which is to avoid the dichotomy in their practice just for the sake of making more money. Otherwise, that business should just exist in that one country where they agree with the law. What I mean by dichotomy is the practice of "not in my backyard," knowing fully well that what the business is doing is unethical but since it's legal in that country they will do it anyway. For example, an American business agrees that it is unethical ...

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Various ethical issues should be taken into consideration when it comes to the issue of children being employed. The perception of those issues varies across cultures.

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