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    Employing Children in Labor Market

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    Is employing children in the labor market ethical on the basis of virtue ethics, fundamental rights, and utilitarianism? Why, or why not? What factors would you consider and why?

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    Utilitarianism supports democratic institutions and favor on producing the best results for the greatest number of people and oppose policies that benefit only a minority. Employing children for work especially in the developing countries where families depend on children for a living proves to provide a higher standard of living for many of the families in those countries. Since it is not done to create wealth for a privileged few people, it can be said that in the utilitarianism point of view, allowing the children to work in factors or in jobs that they can do so that their ...

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    Employing children in the workplace in various perspectives: virtue ethics, fundamental rights and utilitarianism is examined. The solution is 358 words with 3 URL links/references.