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Sweatshops: Moral Interest of Workers

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Many employees in sweatshops, and even families whose children work in these shops, having come from even more object poverty and view their employment as a means to a better life. Make the case for why this sort of employment is in the best moral interest of the workers. Having done that, do you agree or disagree with the position that you have just taken, and why?

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The moral interest of workers for sweatshops are discussed. The disagreement with the position are provided.

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To most of us, working in a sweatshop is a form of slavery, or at best, a classic example of a corporation taking advantage of the individual's low socioeconomic status. However, to many who work in such environments, the work represents an opportunity to earn a living and provide for their families. Ethical behaviors of corporations are an increasing focus of today's society. Many people abhor the actions of corporations who hire workers for sweat shops, where wages are significantly lower than those in the organization's home country, and conditions are often unsafe. "The only problem with this logic is that it is only true if compared to American standards" (Mejia-Zacarro, 2013).For those working in sweatshops with few opportunities, the wages and working conditions may be relative to what populations in the region are accustomed to.

Many different perspectives can be used to explain the reasoning behind operating sweatshops and employing workers at extremely low wages. From a utilitarian perspective, creating the most benefit for the largest number might involve employing workers at low wages, who otherwise would have no opportunity of earning a meager living. Workers themselves might be disappointed or even angry at the corporation, if it made the decision to move ...

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