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    Humnan Rights Violations in Contemporary World Culture

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    What is your viewpoint on the human rights violation by MNCs (Multinational Companies)? How can they be made accountable for their transgressions?

    Human right violation can range from, sex trafficking, migration, child labor etc... I would like to focus my point on something that is widely known today and continues in countries where the United States can interfere and do something about it. Less then 700 words please.

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    The biggest issue in terms of human rights violations from an international development standpoint is definitely unsafe working conditions. This became widely known back in the mid 1990's when Nike was formally charged by the U.S. government with operating sweatshops in China, Vietnam, and other countries. I can still remember the news reports from when I was in school. Stories leaked to the media that female workers were being physically abused in these shops that were all located overseas, and the workers were forced to work in deplorable conditions. Nike faced very serious charges and had to suffer the legal consequences of their actions. One of the main issues involved in this topic is that more and more companies have expanded internationally because the cost of labor and cost of resources is substantially cheaper, in most cases. Companies see this as an opportunity to increase their profits because ...

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    This solution provides a comprehensive discussion regarding human rights violations that are committed by multinational corporations. The issue, steps that can be taken, and other essential elements involved are thoroughly discussed.