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Human Rights Violations of Labor Laws

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Safe work environments, fair wages, abuse of child labor, and unfair treatment of workers are all topics that are unfortunately in the news all too often. Previously, these were problems or issues that were in present in the United States. Fortunately, the legal system and regulations, for the most part, have made these issues a thing of the past. However, in many foreign countries, these problems still exist. Societies are bound to repeat their mistakes if they do not learn from the past. Therefore, research the Internet and the library for two countries where workers have experienced human rights violations or violations of labor laws.


Search the Internet and the library, and select at least 2 countries where workers have experienced human rights violations or violations of labor laws.
State your opinion as to the impact of conducting business with these countries and the ramifications of doing so.
What should be the legal and ethical reaction of the business community for these types of violations?

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The solution researches countries where workers have experienced human rights violations or violations of labor laws.

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Legal Operation in Legal Business:

Within all countries individuals are entitled to certain human rights which should not be violated under any circumstances. The rights can be classified under civil liberties or political rights with the most fundamental ones being the right to life and the right to physical safety. Protection of human rights ensures that people always receive some degree of decency when it comes to treatment. Violation of most basic human rights deny individuals the chance of receiving humane treatment since they are served and treated in a manner that is undeserving (Maiese, 2003).

There are several countries which have been associated to various cases of human rights violation for example, the Massive Human Rights Violations in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka there are various cases of political violence as well as ethnic violence. Since the year 1970s, there are several cases where government of Sri Lanka has been involved in several cases of violence which involved assassinations, massive killings, and suicide bombings. There have however been inconsistencies in the data provided about the massive political and ethnic violence during the last two decades because of the fact that every community present in Sri Lanka agrees that there has actually been a massive violence in the country (Massive Human Rights Violations in Sri Lanka, 2008).

Human rights violations continue at full force as there has been a continued increase in the arrest of thousand of people who have been tortured and also ill treated with continued reports of individuals who have disappeared. In addition to ...

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