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Discussing Organizational Behavior

One of the most valued employees of the department store of which you are the manager, has lately been slipping in his/her performance. You are aware that this employee has been going through bitter divorce proceedings for the last few months. There have been several customer complaints that you cannot afford to ignore. It seems that the choice now is between asking the employee to take a few weeks off, or making the tough demand to shape up. You don't want to exercise the option of firing this, otherwise, very efficient and loyal employee.

State your arguments in favor of your choice of action when the employee is (a) a woman, and (b) a man.

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First off, gender is irrelevant. We all hurt, and some women can also be tougher than some men and vice versa. It is very difficult to find hard-working dedicated individuals. Therefore, as this person is a great worker (and even if they were not) I would have a sit down and ask if they were ok? What is going on? And let them know that I value them as a great employee with strong work ...

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The expert discusses organizational behavior. The arguments in favor of your choice of actions when the employees a women or a man is determined.