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    Diagnostic possibilities of an individual with delusions.

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    Given these symptoms, what are the diagnostic possibilities, including both psychiatric diagnostic possibilities and other causes? Keep your answer to a page or less. You don't need to discuss every detail of your treatment just indicate the possible etiologies in a general way and the steps you would take to diagnose, treat and manage this case. Write from the standpoint of a non-medical psychotherapist who does not prescribe medication.

    **Melinda is a 19-year-old young woman, in her first year at a state college. Both parents accompany her to your office. When she came home for spring break, she started talking nonsense, saying that the college's biology department is using a high powered laser to alter the DNA in her brain. She has always been an "A" student and has never shown any sign of psychiatric disturbance prior to this.

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    Delusional disorder includes irrational beliefs as well as a high conviction level which is very resistant to change. Even when the patient is proven wrong by solid evidence, they are so convinced that they are right they will stay in their delusional state. The delusions a person is suffering are usually from another psychiatric disorder, such as schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder.
    Delusions could also be caused by reactions to certain drugs, a medical condition (brain tumors or brain injury) or could be symptoms of a physical problem.
    An individual ...

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    This solution is comprised of over 300 words with references on the diagnostic possibilities of a healthy 19 year old who suddenly displays delusional behaviors. Includes examples of diagnosis and treatment.