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    Death Penalty - For or Against?

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    Please post one or two paragraph to answer the questions, thank you.

    Are you in favor of or against the death penalty? Then state where you stand and why.

    Can you identify one factually proven case in which an innocent individual was executed? Why or why not? If yes, please identify who was proven to have been wrongfully executed.

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    Are you in favor of or against the death penalty? Then state where you stand and why.
    I am in favor of the death penalty. This is only when there is undeniable evidence (confession, undisputable evidence such as eyewitnesses, video tape, etc). I believe that without the fear of death, murders will continue to murder others with only the possibility of life in prison without parole to fear. I believe that the death penalty is a deterrent to murder and should be enforced more often; in contrast, a group of abolitionists in the 1960's held the notion that criminals do not fear death and that the death penalty is in fact not a deterrent, but rather quite the opposite since they felt criminals do not take the time to think about the consequences of their actions.
    According to research I did, the National Bureau of Statistics (2008), from 1972-1976 during a temporary suspension on the death penalty, researchers gathered murder statistic across the United States which showed in 1960 there were 56 executions and 9,140 ...

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    Solution takes the pro-death penalty stance and discusses a case in which an innocent man was condemned to death and the sentence was carried out. Solution is approximately 600 words and contains one citation.