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    Counseling and Private Practice

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    What are the ten steps to successfully starting up a private practice in counseling as suggested by the American Counseling Association?

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    1. What are the ten steps to successfully starting up a private practice in counseling as suggested by the American Counseling Association?

    There are 10 essential steps for starting a small business. These steps are not cure-calls; they are simply sound, basic ideas for creating a successful small business and keeping it successful. They are just as relevant to the mental health professional in private practice as they are to any other small businessperson, and can be tailored to meet therapists' needs.

    1. The private practitioner must be a technician and a manager.

    If a practice is to grow and be successful, the therapist must be a technician, an expert in the field. This does not mean the therapist must be a national expert, just knowledgeable and having something unique to offer. At the same time therapists will have to do some things they may not really enjoy, such as marketing the practice.
    Marketing efforts will bring clients to the door and boost the success of the practice.

    Private practitioners must also be the managers of the practice. As the practice expands and people are employed, a spectrum of new problems and issues will arise. The therapist must learn about management techniques and become the best manager possible. The ultimate success of a practice will be based on expansion and the proper utilization of other people.

    2.The private practitioner must know the competition.

    In private practice, competition is a fact of life. This can be a very positive thing, keeping therapists alert to the needs of people in the area and keeping them from getting stale. It also means that other practitioners ads in the newspapers, yellow pages, and other advertising need to be evaluated to see how their marketing is being done. Practitioners must keep up on the latest trends and marketing ideas, comparing their practice to that of doctors, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, and other professionals. The therapist must see how others are marketing themselves. Often marketing techniques can be adapted from other professions. The more knowledgeable the practitioner is about what is happening in the field of expertise and with the competition, the more successful the practice will be.

    3. Private practitioners must ...

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