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APA Ethics: Disclosure of Records

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What is the difference between client disclosure of records and the disclosure of records by the law?

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The expert determines the difference between client disclosure of records and the disclosure of records by the law.

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Ethics in Disclosure:

In a clinical setting, clients disclose, dependent upon how much they feel or judge to be what they can disclose about their situation, to their therapist/clinician. Disclosure of feelings, situations and ideas provide a much clearer picture to clinicians as to the environment, situation and inner workings of their client and this disclosure becomes part of the basis from which clinicians strategize and put in place treatment and intervention programs, as it allows them to determine the issues and problems faced by those who seek their help. But always, there is that client-therapist confidentiality privilege. Whatever is disclosed is private and what is disclosed depends entirely upon what the client wants to disclose. Sometimes to encourage clients to talk, the therapist also discloses certain personal experience or opinion if it ...

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