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A Thorough Mental Status Examination

Below is an example of a mental status examination. Includes assessments and observations.

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I know you cannot see the video, but here is the dialog from the 1:30 clip.

Steve: Did you want me to say something?

Clinician: Are you hearing voices?

Steve: Yeah. I hear one voice saying, "Oh, God" and something about "widdly-hoops" and there is something else.....(long pause, and looks like he is focusing on listening to the voice), "Something about a little bit and some misery."

Clinician: Is it a man's voice?

Steve: Is sounds like a girl's or kinda like a fake girl's voice...someone who is trying to put on as a girl, but really isn't.

Clinician: When you are hearing these voices, Steve, are you hearing them inside your head or do they sound like...(Steve interrupts).

Steve: They sound like, this time, that they are coming from right about here (he holds his right hand about a foot away from the right side of his head).

Steve: I see a black vision, it came as a misty black vision (uses left thumb, and points over his left shoulder without looking). It took the ...

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A good mental examination includes various components (e.g. appearance, speech, mood, motor activity, etc...). Below is an example of a thorough mental examination of a patient named Steve.