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    Terrorism and Genocide

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    1.) Does the presence of Hezbollah and al Qaeda in Turkey pose a significant threat to other European countries? (200 words)

    2.) Discuss the reasons for genocide in the Kosovo region at the breakup of Yugoslavia and the status of former leadership in those provinces. Do you think this type of genocide is possible in other parts of the world? Why and where? (200 words)

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    Hi and thank you for using BrainMass. The solution below should get you started. In this particular task, you are being asked to reflect on international security issues. This means presenting your opinion based of course, on available information. If you are not familiar with the subjects, I suggest using the listed resources I have provided below. I suggest the following outlines for each task:

    1. Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda in Turkey Background - 100 words
    2. Opinion & basis - 100 words

    1. Kosovo Genocide summary - 100 words
    2. Possibility - 100 words

    You can use the listed resources to further explore the topic. All the best with your studies.

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    The Hezbollah & Al Qaeda in Turkey

    Laciner (2013) of the journal Turkish Weekly writes that Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda are in Turkey because unlike its unstable neighbours, Turkey has had "rapid social, political and economic transformation to catch up the EU level..." being 99% Muslim, these conditions among others, "provide a suitable environment for terrorist and extremist organizations in Turkey." Its proximity to unstable regions (Syria, Kurdistan, and the Balkans) makes it easy access for Hezbollah & Al-Qaeda who find ways into Turkey through its largely porous borders and snippets of sympathetic population. Saab & Riedel (2007) attest that, "Osama bin Laden's global terrorist network had ...

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    Terrorism and genocide presence is examined. The reasons for genocide in the Kosovo region at the breakup of Yugoslavia. The status of former leadership in those provinces are given.