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    Tensions in the Homeland Security System

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    Explain the three inescapable tensions in the homeland security system. First the problem of collecting enough information to make reasoned judgments. The second problem is the risk of backsliding. The third issue is the problem of calibrating risk.

    Have these reasons changed? How?

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    Donald Kettl's book, 'System Under Stress: Homeland Security and American Politics', showcases the three tensions you have stated above.

    1) "...Collecting enough information to make reasoned judgments."
    This is a problem endemic to all organizations, indeed, to all entities. How much data is enough with which to make a decision? How does one separate the informational 'wheat' from the 'chaff'? Kettl asserts that the best way is simply decide to act, test the effectiveness of that decision, modify the decision based on feedback (good or ill) and repeat the process. In short, decision-makers must theorize, apply the theory, test it, modify it based on those ...

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