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State Of Nature Theory

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Explain the concept of the State of Nature. You should address the following issues in your answer: What is the point of the theory? I.e. what is is trying to explain. What are the problems humans face in the state of nature? What is it about the state of nature that makes us face those problems? How do we leave the state of nature? What is the social contract? Why is it significant? What is popular sovereignty? Why is it significant?

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The state of nature is a concept used in social contract theories that explain the time before governments were formed. The point of this theory is to explain how and why humanity and societies formed governments. There has been many manifestations of this concept over time. Generally, it is accepted that all people are equal in the state of nature, and the only limiting factor in their actions is their own ability. However, there are two main divisions in opinion on the state of nature. In one version, the state of nature is quite peaceful and everyone is endowed with the "natural rights", and the formation of governments actually curtail those rights. In another version, the state of nature is one of constant war, where "life is nasty, brutish, and short" ...

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The expert explains the concepts of the State of Nature. The significance and popular sovereignty is determined.

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