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    Risk and new post 9/11 needs, locally and Homeland Security

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    Can you please help with the following essay question? Explain the process of risk analysis as it relates to homeland security. How would you define risk? How would you weigh it? If you were the city manager or police chief in a small town with limited resources, how much effort would you put into risk analysis? Would you simply "eyeball" risk and give it your best guess, or would you be inclined to conduct an actual assessment?

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    Risk analysis will vary depending on the place and amount of resources that the place can afford. In homeland security issues, the larger targets will spend more money to make sure areas are protected such as structures, airports, trains and stations, other transportation targets such as major roads, tunnels, and bridges. Places with military bases will put forth more money and effort. Risk is dependant on what you are dealing with. Dealing with risk is how to prevent the loss of people, investment and property. For ...

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    A definition of risk and risk analysis and the choices made by local agencies under new Homeland Security needs.