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    Qatar: Internal and External constraints

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    What is Qatar's internal and external vulnerabilities?

    Must be able to assess the countries internal and external constraints.

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    Qatar (Dawlat Qatar) is an emirate, occupying the north-eastern coast of the smaller Qatar Peninsula on the larger Arabian Peninsula. Bordered therefore by Saudi Arabia to the south, it is wholly surrounded by the Persian Gulf and separated only by the strait of Persian Gulf from the island state of Bahrain. An emirate is a political state ruled by a Muslim Monarch or an Emir (Prince, Vice-Roy or Governor, usually formerly a vassal of a larger Kingdom like a Sultanate) and is dynastic in nature (meaning rule is absolute and passes through the bloodline). The current ruling family of Qatar is the Al-Thani family, having ruled from the mid-19h century. From a pearl-industry state under the British Empire, it has become one of the richest in the Middle East thanks to its massive oil and gas reserves. Qatar politics is ruled by the Al-Thani family and combines Islamic code with civil law under the discretion of the Emir. In Qatar's case, Islamic law prevails on most personal and family matters and society is expected to observe this. Certain level of international judicial standards cannot be expected since Qatar has not accepted International Court of Justice rule as well as jurisdiction. The current Emir, HAMAD bin Khalifa Al Thani, who deposed his father in a bloodless 1995 coup, is seen as the engineer of Qatar's economic and political growth with Qatar now enjoying the second highest per capita income globally. While more than 50% of the GDP is through oil and gas, associated and non-associated banking, financial and tourism sectors have also grown as well as education, research and ...

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