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Preventing 9/11: Opinion on whether it could have been done

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Could 9/11 Have Been Prevented?

As do most other major countries in the world, the United States aggressively strives to ensure that its borders remain safe and that our citizens are protected from foreign aggressors. But in today's world -- in the relatively open society that is the hallmark of the United States -- is that realistic?

Take a position - pro or con - and then back up your position with tangible, authoritative (court cases, our textbook and the like) sources that support your view as to whether or not the unprecedented attack against the United States homeland on 11 September 2001 could have been prevented. Additionally, consider whether or not if the federal government were to fund Homeland Security endeavors at the same or even higher level than we are currently funding the Iraq War, would the country be safer and would this ensure that another catastrophic terrorist attack would be averted?

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I cannot write a paper for you, but I can give you some insights and direction towards completion of a paper that addresses the questions. First one has to decide what the real question is. This is where I would start a paper such as this.

Could ...

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An opinion on the question, "Could we have prevented 9/11?" Includes support for opinion and places for student to investigate their own answers.

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