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Outside the USA which country is most powerful militarily?

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This is a three part question: Not including the United States, which country do you feel is the most proficient in (a) ground warfare, (b) naval warfare, and (c) air warfare and why. Please limit your answers to one paragraph for each competency (area).

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China is the most proficient country in ground warfare. This is primarily due to the vast resources in manpower that they enjoy. China has close to one billion men available for military service with nearly 2.5 million currently active and 800,000 in active military reserve. The Chinese military has a long record of active combat. Many are familiar with Chinese involvement during the Cold War both in Korea and Vietnam. Additionally the Chinese seem able to endure extreme hardships in the line of combat, hardships the soldiers from "softer" nations may not be willing to endure.


Once again China ...

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This is a short discussion regarding the military capabilities of foreign countries. Specifically which country has strongest airforce? Which country has strongest ground forces? Which country has strongest navy? Over 400 words of original text along with links to informative websites for further research.