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    WWII and the economy

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    How did the U.S. economy changed after WWII ended, compared to what it had been like during the war? Use specific examples of what people were able to have and do, and what it must have felt like after the scarcity of their wartime experience.

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    * war was one of the reasons the Great Depression ended. World War Two gave jobs to thousands, if not millions, of people in the U.S. Soldiers were paid and some sent money home, men too old to be in the army replaced the men that were at war, and women worked in factories to build airplanes, ships, tanks, etc.

    * WWII created much needed jobs in factories involving the production of war supplies. It jump started us out of the Great Depression and boosted the stock market.The second world war helped us become the strongest country we are today. By mobilizing the unemployed, we aided our economy.

    * Although war is a time of hardships and usually poverty, World War 2 had many positive effects for America. One point of prosper was economy. Some said that the Second World War put an end to the Great Depression. Many of America s products went overseas and by 1943, half of the country s production went overseas. Americans were then forced to buy less of such products, but soon spent there money on things such as newspapers, movies, and promotion toward the war because of the shortage of supplies. From 1941-1944 newspapers sold daily increased four folds. Hollywood made over 2,500 motion pictures during the war also. In 1942, the War Advertising ...

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    How the economy changed as a result and after WWII.