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Ideology and politics

How important is ideology to the functioning of world politics? How important is it to you? Do you believe in any ideology? Why or why not? Attempt to make reference to some of the ideologies mentioned in the text.
Remember the words of our current President and try to "Disagree without being disagreeable"


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On Ideologies

Ideologies are, according to Karl Marx, those structured ways of doing and thinking that affect, influence and shape a particular social group for it allows said group to gain dominance, power and control with the ultimate effect of ordering society via said 'structured ways'. In a way, an ideology are a set of ideas that, when taken up, become the basis for one's actions and perspectives. It has a political, philosophical, social and economic element that influence society for ideologies predominate a particular social order. Althusser, a sociologist who took the Marxist perspective to study society points to ideologies as 'state apparatuses' used by the state to create and reinforce 'identities' to ensure the reproduction of labour from generation to generation, across it's ...

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The solution discusses the importance of having an ideology in relation to the functioning of world politics. The relevance of an ideology froma personal level is also discussed from the viewpoint of the author. References are listed for further exploration of the topic.