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Emotions & leadership

Which of the following best expresses the positive influence emotions may play in leadership ?

a) A single unfavorable incident develops into a generalized perception, which prompts followers to replace a leader they see as incompetent.

b) Followers develop strong commitments to the vision and character of the leader and thus perform above and beyond the call of duty.

c) A leader systematically applies clear, specific, and challenging goals, which improve subordinates motivation and performance.

d) The true feelings and behavior of followers emerge in a group setting such as a demonstration or riot.

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The key to this question is the phrase, "positive influence." We're not looking for negative factors. Therefore, we can ignore options (a) and (d) immediately. There is nothing positive about (a). Incompetency, unfavorable incident, and replacing the leader -- all ...

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The solution provides a concise explanation of the answer to the problem by explaining why certain choices are not apt and why a mparticular choice is the answer to the original question pertaining to leadership (see problem).