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    Rise of China, concern?

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    Forum Question:

    The rise of China over the last three decades has been a significant cause of concern among Neo-Realist students of international relations. Do you believe this concern is justified? Why? Even if you do agree, discuss at least two theoretical counter-arguments, at the systemic level, that offer less pessimistic conclusions about China's rise.

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    PS: YOUR ANSWER should be analytic in nature and include examples that can bolster your argument. YOUR ANSWER should be free of any spelling or grammar errors and properly cited in in Turabian format. At least 3 references.
    500 words or more in total and must include scholarly references other than the textbook, preferably from Academic journals that can be found in any online library under EBSCO or JSTOR as appropriate.

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    I think the rise of China is an issue, but more in line with the potential for capitalism and less about it being a problem. As we have seen in recent months, China has issues in the business environment, one place they gain the power that created the rise. The Chinese will continue to profit from business importing because with the population, over one billion people, there are opportunities to make money and create power from companies that are targeting the Chinese market. Companies do this because it is large and because they think they can shape the buying, learning, and worldviews of the markets. China opened to the world in approximately 1979. (China economic reform timeline, 2015). This opening brought with it companies that wanted to sell products to the citizens of China. China, with its Communist government, saw an opportunity to gain from such ventures while controlling the markets.
    Companies also saw opportunities in the early years to find labor and other resources that were cheaper. While the Chinese economy grew from sale of the resources and newly available work, the companies and countries where the companies headquartered also improved. China's policies included many things that companies did not like, sharing of technology and information sharing. If one considers this from the ...

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    A review of why the concern about China's rise may be of moderate value.