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    International Public Administration Issue of Globalization

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    Please provide 4 pages
    1. Identify two or three distinct positions on the issue of labor policy and globalization in relation to any chosen country.
    2. Demonstrate the relevance and urgency of the issue for modern society.
    Which groups, individuals, and communities (stakeholders) are affected by the issue?
    In what ways that these groups' goals and interests might be altered by the policies you are proposing.
    In what ways that organizations or communities might change or adapt to upheavals in the societies in which they exist. Explain the circumstances in which these changes might take place. Next, consider other changes and transformations that these groups could undergo and summarize those in a similar way. Please provide supporting evidence.
    3. Are stakeholders groups exposed to unjustifiable risks? Are the stake holders you have identified especially vulnerable? Are any of your stakeholders marginalized within society? Are they part of a highly privileged social group? What are the likely consequences of ignoring stakeholders' needs?
    4. Propose a course of action: What should be done to solve the problem? Consider the broad approach and specific practical steps or measures that need to be taken and by whom. Is the solution you propose feasible and implementable? Reinforce your position: What points of your argument will you draw together to restate and reinforce your position. Consider the practical factors affecting your policy; what will the political impact of your policy and what is the political cost of the policy? How hard will it be for the government to implement your plan and what would be the cost or ramifications.
    5. Explain why the policy you have designed will produce the outcomes that you claim it will have and provide evidence?
    6. Please provide 5 references!

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    Below response provide you some guidelines on the topics related to International Public Administration that are asked in this post. The content below has been written to get you started on this assignment. This has been written to help you with this particular problem and its use is limited as such. The content of the solution must not therefore be passed on as your own work for grading or commercial purposes. You can also use the listed resources to explore your topic further.

    Distinct Positions in Concern of Issue
    Some specific perspectives regarding the issue of labour policy and globalization are discussed in context of China in order to plan and outline a policy in systematic manner. Economy of China has experienced rapid growth in last several years that raised several labour issues such as labour relations, equal opportunity, low wages, high work hours, poor working conditions etc. An example of rising labour policies in China can be understood from the immense rise of strikes. In 2015, hundreds of strikes have been carried out by the labour (RFA, 2015). There are several perspectives of globalization such as workforce mobility, presence of foreign experts, WTO association etc. that created considerable changes in the labour market. These conditions in China made the labour market more complex, which requires development of new policies (Andrews, 2011). A systematic guidance in concern of the issue of globalization and labour policies in China needs through a policy formulation and implementation.
    Relevancy and Urgency of Issue for Modern Society
    The issue of Globalization and labour policy has significant relevancy with the modern society. In modern society of China, people become more aware for their rights of getting fair wages and improving working conditions and standards. Due to this, these issues are required quick solutions to ensure growth of labour intensive Chinese economy. Stakeholders of these policies are group, which interests are affected by labour policy and globalization issue. Employees, international firms, local firms, local community, employee union and customers are the stakeholders of policies (China Real Time, 2010). Labour and globalization policies might influence goals and interest of the above stakeholders. For example, firm's goals and interest of increasing profits and reducing labour cost might be changed from the different perspectives ...

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    As the world become more and more globalized, there is increase in International trade. This has impact on the labour in several countries. This response identifies some issues of labor policy and globalization in relation to China.