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    Political Job Ranking: Politics

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    If you sought power and were offered one of these jobs, how would you rank them from best to worst? and why?
    - Supreme Court justice
    - House of Representatives, major committee chair.
    - House Speaker
    - House minority leader
    - new House member
    - Senate majority leader
    - Senate minority leader
    - Important Senate committee chair
    - new Senator
    - President
    - Vice President
    - Secretary of HHS.

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    If you sought power and were offered one of these jobs, how would you rank them from best to worst? and why?

    1. President ? The President is arguable the most powerful person in the world. He is commander in chief of the most technologically advanced military in the world. He has the power to shape foreign and domestic policy and address political, economic, social and cultural values. Even after he has left office he has access to powerful positions both in politics and in the private sector.

    2. Supreme Court Justice ? It could be argued that a Supreme Court Justice is more powerful than the President since he serves for life rather than for a 4 or at most 8 year term. However, a judge will share his power with 8 other justices and if in the minority may actually not impact the nation very much as he will likely be on the losing side more often than not. Having said that the opportunity to interpret the Constitution and shape moral, ethical and cultural values is a powerful opportunity.

    3. House Speaker- The speaker energizes his party, chooses the agenda and works with the President if they are of the same party. If an ...

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