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    Illegal Immigration

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    Describe an issue you support that is an issue for a major political party. In what ways do your interests and the party's interests agree or disagree on the issue? Is a third, or fourth, party necessary to adequately represent everyone's interests?

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    The Politics of Illegal Immigration

    A recent speech by Pres. Obama on the delay of immigration reforms he has promised during his campaign blamed 'politicking' and 'posturing'.He calls it a 'policy gridlock' on 'special interest wrangling' - political talk for legislators not agreeing on how to deal with the issue that is of their common interest. The Democrats blame the Republicans for not supporting "reform that brings accountability to our immigration system cannot pass without Republican votes" (Obama, June 2010 Speech); Obama and the Democrats would like to put in place 'reform' that would make businesses, the government and illegal immigrants themselves accountable to the new system. For the Republicans, this is easier said than done. For the Republicans, while said reforms are important, the immediate issue that needs solution is to stop the stem of illegal immigration. At the moment there are laws already dealing with underground illegal immigration and the criminal and economic activity that comes with it as well as issues of immigrant welfare and diplomatic relations with countries and ethnicities involved in the issue (i.e. Mexico, China, etc.). Clearly this is complex for it involves the current global economic migration issues. For the Republicans though, there is a far important more issue that most be solved 'right now' as demonstrated by the current immigration debates going on in Arizona and Utah, Midwestern States facing complex immigration issues who have become 'tired' of waiting for a Federal solution -

    "We can't solve the immigration issue without first securing the border; and more money and more boots on the ground won't be effective without greater access to the public lands on the border," Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah, a Republican, offered.

    Utah politicians propose a 'guest-worker pilot program' which will see Utah and the country of Mexico working together to create a 'comprehensive plan' that deals with border security, social welfare and employment. Utah are hesitant to put in legislation a law much like what Arizona has recently put in place for, while it works for Arizona, it has become a divisive and controversial law that pro-rights and ...

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