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types/levels of Senators

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In studying our Constitution, specifically Sec. 3:

I'm curious as to why there are three levels of Senators (based on class), and how this is determined and what purpose this serves?

What makes first class different than the third other than length of service?

Please clarify if you have a moment!

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This is a very good question. There are three classes of U.S. Senators because the Founding Fathers wanted the Upper House of Congress (The Senate) to be a continuous body. If you look at the Lower House (House of Representatives) you can see that the terms that Senators and Representatives serve are different.

Terms within the House of Representatives last only two years. This means that they are constantly running for re-election because their terms are so short. Other than veteran representatives who have the trust and support of their constituencies (the people they represent) there is no real job security for a Representative. This makes getting elected to the House of Representatives much easier than ...

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