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Elite-Mass differences on views of immigration

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The United States accepts more immigrants than all other nations of the world combined. Officially, about 1 million legal immigrants come to the United States each year.

Explore the cultural conflict that determines the elite-mass differences over immigration. In your report, answer the following questions: How do the nation's business and corporate leaders view immigration? How do the masses view immigration? Which view do you agree with? Why?

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The solution is a 638-word narrative that provides insight and advise in tackling the topic of Elite-mass difference over immigration. In particular it looks at the cultural conflicts that determine the elite-mass difference in immigration especially the differences of views of immigration between the elite and the masses/poor. An opinion is also provided as to which views are agreeable to the author. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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Elite-Mass Difference Over immigration

The US is a country built by immigration. America is an amalgamation, a melting pot if you will of global cultures, largely European but just about every culture, every ethnicity from around the world is represented. America then is multicultural although once settled, immigrants take on a certain sense of American-ness, an identity that was earlier on explained by Hector St. John de Crevoecour; one of independence, one of freedom, one of man working to make it in a free world. This is the basis of the democracy that Americans enjoy and the economic and social success that the American Experience has so far ...

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