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Unskilled DJ, Big League Chew is playing 45 RPM records when the poweer goes out. How fast was Disney going?

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An unskilled DJ is chewing some very dense (to be later thought of as a point mass) Big League Chew while spinning records with his pals. The platen and record combined appear as a "solid cylinder or disk" with a diameter of 30cm and a mass of 700 grams. The DJ is working in some kids theme music (let us suppose Disney), and the spindle speed is 45 RPM. All of a sudden the power goes out, the spindle experiences no external torques, and 350 grams of Big League Chew falls 6cm from the spindle. How fast is Disney going now?

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In seven lines of explanations and computations, the the speed that Disney is going is solved.

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Total rotational kinetic energy is conserved before and after the unfortunate incidence!

Rotational KE ...

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