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    Pressure problem

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    A hydraulic press for compacting powdered samples has a large cylinder which is x = 11.8 cm in diameter, and a small cylinder with a diameter of y = 1.96 cm (see figure).

    A lever is attached to the small cylinder as shown. The sample which is placed on the large cylinder, has an area of 4.09 cm2. What is the pressure on the sample if F = 319 N is applied to the lever?

    I have no idea how to solve this problem. Thanks for the help!

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    The first step is to figure out how much force is applied to the small cylinder. This is a torque problem:

    F (2L) = F' L
    F' = 2F = 2 (319) =638N

    Next is to figure ...

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    This solution is provided in 145 words. It uses torque to determine force, and then uses this information, along with Pascal's Principle, to find pressure.