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    5. A rectangular block twice as high as it is wide is resting on a board. The coefficient of static friction between board and incline is .63. If the board is tilted will the block first tip over or begin sliding?

    6. A uniform pole of mass M is at rest on an incline of angle secured by a horizontal rope. For what angle does the situation require the greatest coefficient of friction.

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    5. Let the width of the block be a and its height 2a. Let the angle of sliding (angle of the board at which the block just starts sliding) be α. Then, coefficient of friction μ = tanα or 0.63 = tanα or α = 32.21O.

    Let the board be tilted at an angle θ. Then, for the block to tip over, net torque about the forward edge of the block must be counter clockwise. Hence,

    mgsinθ x a > mgcosθ x a/2

    Or tanθ > ½ or θ > 26.56O

    The block will tip over as soon as θ exceeds 26.56O whereas it will slide when the angle ...

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    A step by step solutions provided to determine the friction on an incline plane. A uniform pole of a mass is also determined.