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    Friction: What is meant by Fscale and Fs? What does Fscale-f = Fs mean?

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    Fscale-f = Fs

    Fn = mg
    f= coefficient of kinetic friction times Fn (normal force)
    coefficient of kinetic friction = Fs/mg

    What is meant by Fscale and Fs? These are lab calculations and in the lab I believe "Fscale" was measured by an actual scale used to pull a wooden block but I don't know what this scale is called.

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    The entity f= coefficient of kinetic friction times Fn is nothing but the kinetic frictional force experienced by a body moving over a surface. Fs is the force of static friction experiend by a body at rest over a surface. We have to give a force equal to or greater than Fs to move a static body. In case of a body of mass 'm' at rest on a horizontal surface, the normal force Fn=mg and ...

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