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    1. An experimenter is studying the effects of temperature, pressure, and type of catalyst on yield from a certain chemical reaction. Three different temperatures, four different pressures, and five different catalysts are under consideration.

    a. If any particular experimental run involves the use of a single temperature, pressure, and catalyst, how many experimental runs are possible?

    b. How many experimental runs are there that involve use of the lowest temperature and two lowest pressures

    2. The number of pumps in use at both a six-pump station and a four-pump station will be determined. Give the possible values for each of the following random variables.

    a. T = the total number of pumps in use

    b. X = the difference between the numbers in use at stations 1 and 2

    c. U = the maximum number of pumps in use at either station

    d. Z = the number of stations having exactly two pumps in use

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