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Properties of Open and Globular Star Clusters

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Compare and contrast the properties of open and globular star clusters.

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This solution explains two types of star clusters: open and globular star clusters. The definitions of open and globular star clusters are given. The similarities of the open and globular clusters are discussed, which include their gravitational pull, age formed, and distance from earth. The differences discussed include lamination, symmetry, number and the location of clusters in the galaxies. The explanation is given in a 200+ word essay with one reference.

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Problem: Compare and contrast the properties of open and globular star clusters.

The scientific realm of astronomy outlines there are two types of star clusters; open and globular star clusters. Before we can compare and contrast these two types of star clusters we must first define what a star cluster. Star clusters are a small volume of stars that are bound together through their gravitational pull and often able ...

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