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The propagation of Light: Scattering

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Multiple choice:
1. Compared to an object in front of it, the image in a plane mirror is always: (a) smaller (b) virtual (c) three times far away (d) distorted (e) none of these. Explain your choice.

2. A chicken is standing 1.0 m in front of a vertical plane mirror. A woman is standing 5.0 m from the mirror, behind and in line with the bird. How far from her will she see the image of the chicken? (a) 5.0 m (b) 1.0 m (c) 6.0 m (d) 4.0 m (e) none of these. Explain your choice.

The bending or refraction of a beam of light as it enters a medium that has a greater index of refraction than the incident medium is due to a change in its: (a) amplitude (b) effective speed (c) frequency (d) period (e) none of these. Explain your choice.

1. A pool of water is 3.00 m deep and 4.00 m wide. Someone lying with his face close to the water is looking for a coin that is directly across the pool on the bottom far edge. Will he be able to see it?

2. A prism, ABC, is cut such tht angle BCA = 90 deg and angle CBA = 45 deg. What is the miniumum value of its index of refraction if, while immersed in air, a beam traversing face AC is to totally internally reflected from face BC?

3. A block of glass with an index of 1.55 is covered with a layer of water of index 1.33. For light traveling in the glass, what is the critical angle at the interface.

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