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Viscous Flow of Water in a Tank

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See the attached file.

We are presented with a 17000 gallon tank of water; the tank has specific dimensions and has a 75 horsepower agitator as noted and located in the attached file. The agitator is turning 385 rpm and the blades have a dimension of 42 inches tip to tip.

We are asked to calculate the forces the rotating agitator blades cause to the water in the tank immediately at the tips of the rotating agitator blades and then at any dimension from the blades.

We are also asked to briefly comment on how well this agitator would mix this tank of water containing 17000 gallons.

Can someone please help me with a detailed and well explained solution?

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This solution helps compute the velocity of water in a large tank with a motorized rotor. Step-by-step calculations with explanations are given.

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We wish to compute the velocity of water v(r) = v(x,y,z) in the tank as a function of position r = (x,y,z). We set up a rectangular coordinate system with the center of the rotor at the origin, with the z-axis pointing to the right in the figure ...

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