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    2 problems in elementary physics

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    1. A wheel is rotating at a rate of 2.0 revolutions every 3.0 s. Through what angle, in radians, does the wheel rotate in 1.0 s? , one revolution is the same as 2p radians.

    2. Two identical bar magnets lie on a table along a straight line with opposite poles facing each other (the figure below (d)). Sketch the magnetic field lines.

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    1. 1 revoultion is 2pi radians so a wheel rotating 2 revolutions every 3 seconds we can say

    Angular rotation in this time Omega = 2 x 2pi = 4pi radians

    Time T = 3 ...

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    Determining the angle that a wheel rotates in 1 second under certain conditions is calculated. The magnetic field of a 2 simple bar magnets facing each other flat on a table is drawn.