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Which material would have the strongest compressive strength?

1) Which material would have the strongest compressive strength?
i) egg shell 11) a ream of paper 111) pile of dry sand iv) rope v)shopping bag

2) Hydrogen is to a proton as helium is to.
a) an alpha particle. b) a beta particle c) a gamma particle

d) an electron e) a neutron

3) A high -energy Physicist might request research funding for studies pertaining to:

a) aerobic physiology. b) hydrogen bombs d) ultimate field theories

c) Elementary particles e) tertiary particles.

4) Which elementary particle cannot participate in the Strong Force?

a) lepton b) electron c)tau d) neutrino e) all of the above

5) The force that holds the nucleus together despite the electrical repulsion between protons is:

a) gravitational force b) weak force c) electromagnetic force

d) strong force e) electroweak force

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1. iv) rope - out of all these options the rope is the odd ball. The others can be crushed rather easily, but a rope due to its elastic properties has a higher compressive strength.

2. a) an alpha particle - Hydrogen has one proton, Helium as two protons. An alpha particle is defined as having 2 protons ...

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