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Calculating Acceleration: Instant Center of Rotation in Plane Motion

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Question: The motion of the 3-in.-radius cylinder is controlled by the cord shown (please refer to attachment for diagram). Knowing that end E of the cord has a velocity of 12 in./s and an acceleration of 19.2 in./s^2, both directed upward, determine the acceleration (a) of point A, (b) of point B.

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This solution is comprised of a step-by-step guide on how to approach and work through the formulas required to calculate acceleration as it pertains to this question. A jpeg attachment is also provided to illustrate a schematic diagram for this solution, which may help to provide further clarification.

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a.) Because, point E is moving upward with a speed of 12 in/s,
The point G will move upward with a speed = 12/2 = 6 in/s
While the cylinder's point A will have a speed 0 in/s downward, therefore, it will have a speed of 6 ...

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