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Newton's Second and Third Law of Motion

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1. Consider a plane that flies due east on a trip, and then returns due west following the same exact route. Imagine also that there are no winds in each trip. Flying due east, the plane flies with the rotation of the Earth, while flying due west, it flies against the rotation. Will the flight times be the same? Different? Why?

2. The velocity of an object falling in free fall increases with time. Does the acceleration also increase? Why or why not?

3. Why is that a cat that accidentally falls from a 50-story building hits a safety net below with the same speed as if it fell from a 20-story building?

4. What is the acceleration at the top of a jump?

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The expert examines Newton's Second and Third Law of Motion. The velocity of an object falling is determined.

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1. The flight times will be the same. It is because the distance traveled is the same whether the plane flies east or west, and since there is no mention of change in velocity, covering the same distance at the same velocity will result in the same traveling time.

2. No. It is ...

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