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Systems of units

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1.A boeing 747 jet with 385 people cruising 39000 ft travels 280 yds on gallon of fuel. How many gallons will it need to travel 2000 km.
a. How many meters does 200 km equal?
b. How many meters does the plane travel per gallon of fuel?
How many gallons will the plane need to travel 2000 km?

2. How may liters of water would fill a cube-shaped tank whose inner dimensions are 1.00 m on each side?

3.A pipeline is 2 hogsheds and a hogshead is 63 gallons or (2 barrels). Given that 1 US gallon is 231 in.^3 what is the SI equivalent of a pipe to 3 Sig.Fig's.

4. 5.0x10^5 yd^3 = how many cubic meters?

5. The earth rotates once around its spin axis in 23 h 56 min, and its equatorial diameter is 1.276x10^3 m (7927 mi) At what speed would you be traveling with respect to the stationary stars while sitting still in Mbankada, Zaire, on the Equator? Draw Diagram?

6.An observer on a golf course at 2 in the afternoon stands 60 m west of a player who drives a ball due north down the fairway. If the ball lands 2.0 s later, 156 m from the observer, what was its average velocity? Draw diagram?

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