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    Problem Involving Electromagnetic Units

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    What are the dimensions of the factor that relates the dimensions of the electric and magnetic fields in
    a) the gaussian system of units
    b) MKSA system of units
    Hint: you need to first determine the dimension of both fields in both systems of units.

    I think this deals with the Weber, but I'm kinda lost on it. I'm terrible with units.

    Let me know if I need to raise the bid.

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    In both systems, the dimensions of the electric field can be derived from F = qE. Thus, E has the dimensions of force divided by charge, which in the MKSA system of units is [kg] [m] [s]^-2 / ([A] [s]) = [kg] [m] [s]^-3 [A]^-1. In the Gaussian system, the dimensions of ...

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    We compute the units (dimensions) of the electric and magnetic fields in both the MKSA and Gaussian systems.